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Your eligibility for these advantages functions around the exact same credit method as for retirement payouts, but you will find slightly various guidelines about who's eligible. Eligibility for disability advantages depends upon how old you're whenever you turn out to be disabled, in addition to the nature of one's disability. You cannot qualify for disability advantages if you're in a position to function and earn greater than $1,000 a month (in 2010). Your disability also should be regarded as serious sufficient to impact your daily work-related activities. Take a look at the on-line version from the procedure the Social Safety Administration (SSA) utilizes to determine whether or not or not you qualify as disabled.

Disability advantage payments begin only following you've been disabled for 5 months, and they continue till your situation has enhanced sufficient that you simply can begin operating once more. To estimate your disability payments, take a look at the on-line advantages calculator provided by the SSA.

In case your adult kid is disabled prior to the age of 22, she or he can qualify for advantages according to your earnings record. Anybody who becomes disabled following turning 22 requirements to pass the current function test, a measure of how numerous years of function you've performed based in your age. Particulars from the test are accessible right here.

If you're nonetheless getting disability insurance coverage by the time you attain complete retirement age, your payments switch more than to retirement advantages. The quantity of your payments remains exactly the same.

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