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In case your objective would be to decrease your housing expenses, you'll need to complete the math cautiously prior to you move. For starters, smaller sized does not usually imply less expensive. In the event you can think it, the national median cost for condos – which usually are smaller sized than stand-alone houses – is now greater than the median cost for single-family homes.

Believe lengthy and difficult prior to you downsize into a brand new location that demands you take on a large new mortgage. Even when it's inexpensive these days, you'll need to think about whether or not you are able to spend that mortgage nicely into your 70s and 80s – bearing in thoughts what may occur for your finances when either you or your spouse dies.

1 method to gauge affordability would be to take a look at what the payments could be on a 15-year mortgage. In the event you can deal with the greater payments on a loan that could be paid off prior to you retire, or early on in retirement, that may be a manageable debt load. But when the month-to-month mortgage price on a 15-year scares you, that is a fairly great tipoff that you simply may wish to take a look at much less costly houses. Do not let your self off the hook by financing having a 30-year mortgage unless you're completely certain you've the savings to help keep up with these payments nicely into your retirement years.

In the event you do determine to take the plunge, sell your present location prior to you purchase the new 1. Tempting as a pristine new condo may be in comparison for your drafty old five-bedroom Victorian, do not just plop down earnest cash immediately. Ensure that you've a purchaser with strong financing. Otherwise, you can get stuck with two mortgages, two sets of home taxes, and – nicely, you get the concept.

In the extremely least, have your lawyer consist of a contingency clause within the sales agreement that obligates you to close around the new location only in the event you handle to sell your current house by an agreed-upon date. Within the sales frenzy of yesteryear, when sellers could make bidders do somersaults, they had no incentive to agree to such a clause. But inside a marketplace exactly where houses are sitting around the marketplace, sellers might show some mercy.

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