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Cash balances will typically be set up so that they cannot be withdrawn until a certain date (usually December 31st). This means you won't have access to any money until then. And because this date is fixed, there is no way around it - even if you withdraw all of your contributions at any point before then, the interest will still not yet have been earned on them.

If there are funds available in your account after December 31st but before April 5th then you will normally be able to withdraw them without any further restrictions, subject only to the terms of your plan.

Cash balances are required by law to either provide you with access to your money on December 31st or pay out the balance in full at that time. If for some reason you do not receive it on December 31st, you may be entitled to compensation (see section 5 of the Pension Wise guidance for more information).

You can find out if your employer is doing this or not by checking with your HR department.

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