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Where you live in retirement can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life. There are many factors that come into play when determining the best place to live-climate, availability of healthcare providers, cost of living, proximity to family and friends. But with careful consideration you will find the perfect place for you.

The best place to retire is an extremely subjective question. People who are single, retired military members or married with children often look for different things in a community than those who are widowed or retired couples without any children. Finding the best place to live in retirement means finding your perfect community.

To get started, ask yourself what is most important to you in your retirement community? What do you want to give up and what do you want to gain when moving into a retirement community? You might decide that the perfect place for you would be near family members, but not too near. Being close enough to see your grandchildren grow up is important to you. This narrows your search considerably since there are fewer retirement communities that meet this criterion than those that are located in the middle of nowhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might want to give up seeing family and friends altogether if it means moving to a warmer climate with less expensive healthcare costs. Some people might get lonely if they give up their friends, while others might get lonely if they're not close enough to family. This is something that you will have to think about carefully before deciding on the best place to live in retirement.

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