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Here's some guidance to think about as you shop to get a strategy provider:

Take a look at investment choices. In contrast to corporate 401(k)s, which frequently provide dozens of funds from numerous fund households, numerous solo 401(k) providers restrict you to 1 fund group. You will discover the widest selection of investment options at fund "supermarkets" like Schwab.

Maintain a lid on expenses. Charges differ extensively amongst 401(k) providers. Set-up charges and annual charges rely around the quantity of guidance provided. Numerous firms will waive some costs for bigger accounts.

Think about your borrowing requirements. Even though the law enables you to borrow as a lot as 50% from the assets inside your person 401(k) (as much as a loan limit of $50,000), not each provider provides a loan choice. Whilst it is definitely not advisable to raid your retirement strategy for money, you might want the monetary security net that a loan function offers.

To jump-start your search, visit, which lists person 401(k) providers. Or ask your accountant or monetary adviser for strategy suggestions.

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