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It depends upon whenever you retire. The Social Safety Administration determines your so-called "full retirement age," that is someplace in between 65 and 67 based on whenever you had been born. (Your Social Safety annual statement consists of your fortunate date. Go to the web site for much more particulars.)

In the event you take early Social Safety advantages (anytime in between age 62 as well as your complete retirement age), every dollar of earnings you earn above $15,120 every year will decrease your Social Safety payout by $1 for each $2 you earn more than the limit.

The guidelines are much more lenient beginning within the year in which you attain complete retirement age. For instance, in the event you currently are drawing Social Safety advantages and also you hit complete retirement age in 2013, you can pocket $40,080 in earnings with out any reduction inside your Social Safety advantage. In the event you occur to earn greater than $40,080 inside your large transition year, your advantage will probably be decreased by $1 for each $3 in earnings above the $40,080 threshold.

Now the great news: Beginning using the month you attain complete retirement age, you are able to get your advantages with no limit in your earnings.

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